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04-27-2012, 12:02 PM
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Shooting - power, strength, technique?

I've not had any actual instruction in shooting, so I'm just trying to do my best with what I can find on Youtube etc.

I've been playing now for 6 weeks. I can actually shoot now - it's weak, but I can actually get it to the net. First time out, I usually missed the net by going wide, or just not getting the puck there because it stopped short.

So I can see the improvement - my accuracy is better, distance too. But I seem to be the only one at stick time who can't do the type of shots that get the puck really flying, or higher in the net. I can hit it hard enough to make it go THUNK against the boards and then bounce back - but not hard enough to be any sort of impressive.

What is the next step? What shot should I be working on? Is it mostly a strength thing that makes it go further/harder/higher? Or a technique thing? I know a lot of it is going to just be practicing shots until I get it right - but I really don't want to practice it wrong and then have to unlearn.

I never make any shots past goalies unless I get super-lucky with a rebound, because they always have tons of time to stop the puck, and it's very predictable where it's going to end up. I'd like to have the option of shooting low or high rather than always low and slow.

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