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Originally Posted by SweYote View Post
Looking on car rental sites it always says something about a fee for renting cars when you're between 21 and 25 years old ($25/day it seems). What's that all about? Do you know some place where you don't have to pay that fee? I'm 21.

Edit: And btw, when it comes to sleeping I'm a college student who doesn't care one bit about the quality of my room as long as there is a bed. I'm much more interested in just saving my money for something else. What/Where is the cheapest possible way of catching a night's sleep in Phoenix?
I'm not sure of a way around the fee for being as young as you are. I believe it's an insurance thing. You might be able to find a rental company that doesn't have the fee, though, so I guess keep digging.

As for places to crash, has gotten me not only a free night's stay a few times, but it's made me some friends. I'd highly recommend it.

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