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04-27-2012, 01:48 PM
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My advice:

Check the stick length, possibly shorten it. I find it's easier to do nearly everything in hockey with a little shorter than average stick. If you're above the nose in bare feet, try cutting to the nose. If you're at the nose, try 1-2" shorter.

Check the stick flex and possibly go down. Too stiff means you can't transfer power into the stick properly and might cause you to miss shots wide and/or injure your joints.

Try keeping your hands a forearm length apart. It should help with accuracy, push-pull action, and making passing easier too. I'm assuming you're talking about wrist shots.

Cup the puck slightly. A lot of guys want to swat at the puck or swipe it or try and whack it like a golf ball. That's not how you get power in hockey. You need to push slightly against the ice to really get some power into the shot.

Come to think of it, maybe that's why people used to start the shot so far behind them. You naturally cup the puck when the puck is so far back in the shooting stance. It's not the distance but the cupping that traps the puck between the blade and ice and then you push-pull with your arms and upper body to fire it.

Read through some of the threads on the subject especially stick guide and wrist shot ones. Feel free to bump them or come back with questions too!

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