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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
After joining the NHL at the age of 26 because of World War 2, Laprade finished 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 1st in team scoring and was voted team MVP twice in a 6 team league. The only player who consistently finished above him in scoring was fellow center Buddy O'Connor, who obviously centered a different line at even strength and was probably the go-to player on the PP. I think you'd have to be crazy to think that Laprade wasn't better offensively than some linemates of superstars who played on other teams at the time.

Where did Nevin finish in team scoring, even at even strength? How close was he to ever being MVP of his team, a more competitive one but in a larger less concentrated league?
Half of Nevin's best seasons were in the pre-expansion era. He didn't show much decline until the mid-70s, then exploded for a phenomenal season in 1975, one of the best ever by someone at age 35. 1975 would definitely qualify as a season where he was his team's MVP, and LA was a great team too.

(by the way, the comment about a larger, less compressed league sounds like you think "within team" placements are less important than league wide... I agree. that's what I started with!)

Anyway, his best ESP finishes on his team:

1st (1966 NYR)
1st (1975 LAK)
2nd (1967 NYR)
3rd (1961 TOR)
4th (1968 NYR)
4th (1969 NYR)
5th (1962 TOR)
5th (1971 NYR)
5th (1974 LAK)

What years was Laprade NYR's MVP? I'm just curious how terrible they were those seasons so I can judge how impressive that is. (Of course, getting into MVP talk is more about overall impact and I only joined this discussion regarding offensive production.)

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