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11-22-2003, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Evil Sather
Completely, ridiculously absurd. Beyond stupid. At least I can understand the theory of "lets trade our junk for their good player", but this... what the hell is this? "Let's move our good young guys and picks for... other good young guys and picks." No rhyme, no reason, no logic, no sale, no brains. Goodnight.
Well if anyone were going to trade good young players for good young players it would be Montreal and Edmonton we shared a farm team and like one anothers prospects and have had plenty of time to watch them, we might value one anothers possesions a little more than our own and hence trade them.

I'll re-hash what I think each team gains in terms of characteristics to help their team.

Edmonton gains:
-Hossa: scouting reports indicate he has a good shot and can play Rw Edmonton has been looking for scoring/sniperesque prospect and he fits the bill.
-Hainsey:good puck moving ability essential for break-out passes to use Edmonton's speed and skates well for size something Edmonton loves.
-Coburn: the young stud on d we've been looking for even if we need to wait a while for him to play in the big leagues. Also has good size, mobility, and puck movement skills which we want.

Edmonton loses:
-Stoll: good checking line center with a little scoring touch his best quality is leadership skills which may be less essential with long term signings of Staios and Moreau who are leaders on the Edmonton squad.
-Semenov: struggled to make it into the line-up and coaching staff has been displeased with his effort over the summer. Coburn will replace the big stay-at-home type defender that he is.
-2nd pick makes it a little pricey from the Edmonton stand-point


Montreal gains:
-Stoll: his leadership skills would be of great benefit he is in the Trevor Linden player-type mold. He's a heart and soul guy who's willing to do what it takes to win which Montreal needs more of and 6ft1 200lb frame adds size down the middle for Montreal.
-Stefan: more size down the middle needs a change of scenery former 1st overall pick who has been playing better of recent pretty sound 2-way player. Will probably take Perrault's former spot in the line-up.
-1st pick Atlanta: could be potentially really good but is a gamble, I don't know how much more re-building moves Montreal fans can take before they start pulling out there hair.
-2nd pick Edmonton 2004 or 2005: more picks just reshuffling the deck

Montreal loses:
-Zednik: has been putting up disappointing numbers so far this year I would be suprised if they shopped him but maybe they believe he can not put up similair totals to last year.
-Hossa: not overly impressive so far has sat out his fair share of games makes more room for other prospect forwards they might try to get in the line-up
-Hainsey: makes room for Komisarek not really much upside to trading him


Atlanta gains:
-Comrie: similair to Savard have two play-making centers who can score makes for a very strong top six forwards when Heatley returns
-Semenov: impact player now good size and makes losing Coburn not sting as much possibly the hardest point shot in the entire league.
-Zednik: giving up a lot of future for a better team now but again better top 6 provides good goal scoring from the Rw.

Atlanta loses:
-Coburn: the number one stud on the back end they were waiting for pretty essential piece to their teams future but taking a win now more mentality.
-Stefan: been dissapointing considering he's a first overall pick never lived up to his potential(yet) should not be too many tears shed on this one
-1st pick 2004 could hurt really bad depending on where you finish pretty uncharacteristic of a young team going boom or bust with these trades

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