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03-16-2006, 05:42 AM
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You are one of the few posters that I value

Originally Posted by Edge
I've been fortunate in that my career has allowed me to see hockey a lot.

Starting out in PR, working with the Rangers/MSG I had obvious access to things.

From there I moved onto working within the NHL (though not directly for them per say). That equaled a lot of travel time, access etc.

After that it was a combination of contacts and the PR firm I was a VP at had a room that was literally connected to just about every channel in the western hemisphere.

As a lawyer I have access now because of gov't affairs responsibilties. If I don't see it, I can get it. Either live or via tapes. If I can't get it, it doesn't exist.

At my peak, working within hockey I was probably taking in about (literally) 100 lives games a year. That doesn't count wathing over the games.

Yes that's pretty manical, but it's also why I was making VERY good money and what bridged me into law.

Now I'll say what I always say, I'm not a pro scout (though I had the opportunity to do that with SJ). What I express is my opinions and all I can give is my reasons behind them. I can't promise anything and like anyone else I'm gonna be wrong and I'm gonna be right. I've seen enough hockey to be able to make a solid, educated guess (thus my reputation around here) and I can usually fill it out with some "professional" opinions.

I do it because I love hockey (and baseball). Some people who do it for money like to take pot shots at the internet and its unnamed sources and wild rumors. I'm okay with that, because this isn't my job. I don't have anything to lose or gain by saying anything. If I didn't know what I was talking about, people wouldn't trust me. If they didn't trust me, they wouldn't listen and it'd be pretty pointless to talk to myself.

Whether people agree with me or not, they know I'm shooting straight with them and there's a reason behind my view.

And that's way longer of answer then you probably wanted
what you say and it is because I have felt that you were giving an honest assessment without any bias. Your opinion is based off what your own eyes see and what your experience tells you what you are seeing.