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04-27-2012, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Ginu View Post
Malkin's 8 points in 6 games was not Malkin like. If you watched the games he didn't boss the games like he normally does.
You are right on that one. But saying he choked is totally wrong.

He was targeted by a line-up of 5 players all game.

Couturier had a heck of a playoff. Without him, he'd have 12-14-16 points

On another note I'd like to see next season :

Patches Leblanc cole
Desharnais Eller Forsberg
Moen/Bourque* Plekanec Gionta

* Bourque should be on the 3rd line if he could shake is things up.
XX: That should be Gaustad. But Gaustad will cash in (Hell get 2.5 or so..) So we're not signing him.

Good alternative could be Jay Mcclemment(The better of them but should stay with the Av's) , Jim Slater(This is the cheap alternative but oh so good.)
So I choose Jim Slater. (Notice all these guy's are cheap, can throw them and most of all are shutdown centers.)

Other alternatives: Jesse Winchester(The lesser player but younger/cheaper.) Adam Hall, Derek Mackenzie(Small. But still pretty tough and capable.) Kelly( Expensive.), Campbell, Colin Fraser (Another one I like pretty much.)

YYY: This guy could be either one of the three mentionned. But i'd like a way more solid defensive player, while the guy needs to be big and tough (Tough doesnt mean fighting 20 times during the season).
Daniel Winnik, Tanner Glass, Brandon Prust Could all be good addition. The best way to go to me should be Glass. Winnik is the better player but he will cost more and doesnt really fights. Prust is the tougher/better ratio but will cash in. I settle for Glass. (Who is tough, Fights and is responsible Defensively.)

My point is to have 4 very balanced line with almost all the same time of play.
So theres not really any numerical order for the lines but ill go as 1,2,3 and 4.

So it should work like this
4 VS Hardest Matchup
3 VS 2nd hardest matchup
1 vs 3rd toughest matchup
2 vs easiest matchup.(A little like they did this year, But Eller is more responsible Defensively than DD and It should be easier for DD on the wings with Defensive responsabilities.)

Its kinda like the Vancouver model who used Kesler for shutdown until they had Malhotra. Kesler can now concentrate on the O more and that's why they are dominant.

That takes off alot of tough matchup on Pleks Back and Even Eller. And it also gives Plek second PK wich is also good for him. PLUS, you have the assurance that atleast ONE line will work out good.

Now we need to find a big tough defensive D. (Kinda like Ryan O'byrne heh ?)
And the D need's to be matched up with toughest to easiest. Gorges being our main shutdown he needs to get first line. Either if he plays with Subban or what ever it doesnt mind.

So the line-up.



It's an all or nothing line up. Obviously this won't unless I go in as GM (Gimme a number someone)

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