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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
I think Russel had three pretty good scoring seasons. 3rd(1904), 2nd(1905), 3rd(1907). He only played 4 games in 1906. I think you're underselling Russel's offensive reputation even though he was no Bowie.

I struggled to find much of anything about Russel, but I do have one archived article from 1908 of the Vics playing the Wanderers. It mentions "combination" plays and the Vics teamwork so it seems like they did more than just rush themselves. It mentions how Art Ross and Frank Patrick struggled to cross center ice during the first half because both forward groups were checking so tightly.

Russel also refused to turn pro:

Here's some of the info in that article
That's a great description of the style of play of the Victorias. I do think that calling Blair Russel "no Bowie" is an understatement, however.

The played on the same team from 1900-1908. Bowie had solid but non-peak seasons in 1899, 1909, and 1910; Blair Russell doesnt seem to have played any full seasons outside the time frame. From 1900-1908, Bowie outscored Russel 227 goals to 106 goals. In ATD terms, you are basically comparing a 45 goal scorer (Russell Bowie) to a 20 goal scorer (Blair Russel) - that's how big the gap is. If you think Russel is better than that, that makes Bowie proportionately that much better. There's a reason Bowie is a 2nd liner and Russel is a 3rd line checker.

As for assists, I don't know. They seem to have produced assists at a similar rate for the seasons we have data for, though Bowie did it over more games (he seems more durable than Russel, despite his size). But I think we do have to take into account the fact that Blair Russel got to pass to the runaway best goal scorer of the era (Bowie), while Bowie wasn't getting assists for passing to himself.

I think Bowie should be viewed as a slightly better playmaker than Russel (while dominating him as a goal scorer). I'm sure the GMs all have different views of how much passing from that era (of no forward passes anywhere on the ice) translates into modern playmaking; I'm not sure there is a right answer.

Edit: anyone with SIHR can check my figures; it's unfortunate that the stats don't seem to be anywhere else.

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