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11-22-2003, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by FacelessButcher
Edmonton gains:
-Hossa: scouting reports indicate he has a good shot and can play Rw Edmonton has been looking for scoring/sniperesque prospect and he fits the bill.
I think this is a bit off. Yes Hossa has a very good shot but is shy about using it. He's not a sniper and doesn't have the scorer mentality at all. The talent is there but he has confidence issues which means it'll take longer than expected for him to develop. Hossa has always been a setter. He was a center when drafted and I've always thought it was a huge mistake on Savard's part to move him to left wing where he's never seem to adapt that well.

My take on this deal from a Montreal's POV is that it's near horrible in terms of rebuilding. There's already Koivu and Ribeiro down the middle who offensively will put better numbers than Stoll and Stefan. Stefan to me is of no interest. I don't beleive he'll ever put numbers in this league justifying more than 3rd line duty. So those two would be relegated on the 3rd and 4th lines. Then Altanta's 1st pick is interesting but nothing spectacular considering Montreal has been pilling up 1st rounders and fans are begining to be fed up with the rebuilding mode the Habs have been in for 5 years.

Bottom line: Zednik, Hossa and Hainsey seems like a hefty price for two 3rd liners and a pick. They lose scoring, scoring potential and a puck-moving Dman for players that would find themselves in a log jam of role players in Montreal. Stoll is the only thing interesting in that deal from a Habs POV. I'd love to have him as the future 3rd line center. But of course, never at this kind of price.

EDIT: I'd do Stoll for Hainsey/Hossa straight up however.

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