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03-16-2006, 10:15 AM
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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514
1 goal games take much more out of a team than 3 goal games do
i don't buy that... i would also suggest that blow-outs are much more dangerous for a team as it is much more likely the opponent will do something silly. and the TOI for players last night was no different than normal (Carter only played 7 minutes).

the playoffs are going to be tight games... i'd much rather be mentally prepared as a team to deal with that situation than one that is used to coasting in the third (something we've been guilty of at times). early in the year we were gutting out a LOT of wins in tight games, that's a very very good sign. though, those good vibes were mitigated by the past couple of months of play.

the things to be worried about our not our margin of victory, they lie squarely with our recent inability to hold leads once we acquire them. in the beginning of the season we were playing tight games and winning late... now we are losing late. THAT is troubling to me.

Originally Posted by MojoJojo
It also shows that we might not be as good as our standings suggest.
our differential has shrunk considerably during this slump, but when we were playing well, it was right there with anyone. our standings suggest that we haven't been a very good team over the last two months in the W/L columns, that represents much more than HOW we've won games.

in april, may, and june it doesn't matter how you win... doesn't matter how you win now. NJ made a living off of winning one-goal games...

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