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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I actually really like this list. Nick Shore is the only one that gave me pause for a second.

Right now the Kings lack the top end talent really, but have lots and lots and lots of very solid depth prospects, lots of guys who can be solid players but are far from guaranteed. I think it makes listing them pretty tough, Andrew's list is solid (my question are the much discussed issue with Holloway, Mersch/Schmaucher being so high gave me a little pause, and the wide discrepancy of Vey/Kozun) but most people's list pretty solid, IMO, since it is hard to say who comes out all those B prospects to be solid NHLers.

EDIT: Actually, that's the ones I wanted to ask you about Andrew. Mersch/Schmaucher seem higher than on most lists and what makes Vey and Kozun so far apart. Thanks for any response!
Hi, well, I think Weal has sort of been unfairly lumped in with a group of very undersized Kings players. He is not as small as Kozun, not even close, he could ultimately be a slightly undersized NHL'er whereas Kozun would be small in the ECHL.

I understand that they had similar junior careers and are even on a similar track in the AHL. In the long run though, Vey, to me, has a better shot at making it and being a reasonably complete player, at least to the point where he has no glaring weakness.

I actually like Kozun's confidence and he has performed very well under adverse circumstances this year. That said, the impression I get is that he is pretty far down the Kings' line. In the end, that is what really caused the separation, I doubt he plays a game for the Kings whereas Vey has a pretty good chance of doing so.

Mersch I could have seen as low as 14 or 15 but no lower. He came to Wisconsin as a finesse player with a steep development curve, he's turned into a powerful player, a leader and a prospect that's ahead of schedule. Was pretty impressed by him at the draft watching a little film and speaking with him and everyone I spoke to around the CCHA had glowing things to say about him. He wound up a little higher than on my initial list as a result.

Schumacher, like Nolan, is a guy I thought was overlooked when Josh was here. He did a magnificent job following the Kings and still does all the way out in Sweden but we just differed there. Schmumacher is going to be a good one. He is still growing into his body and gaining coordination, I'd wager that in his final year of junior he could be a 90-point player with a nice physical facet of his game. Before all is said and done he could be a 6'6" 225-pound power forward with decent wheels and respectable hands. That's a pretty good player.

In all three cases, I think upside won out over a mix of guys who have mostly shown more or less what they are/will be. Like you said, no real high-end talent but lots of potentially productive role guys in the system at the moment.

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