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Second Lines

The two biggest focuses on the second lines are the comparisons of Herbie Lewis and Baldy Northcott, and Sergei Fedorov and Pat Lafontaine. Mogilny and Leach are pretty much a wash, but they both bring an asset to the table. Mogilny had fantastic chemistry with Pat Lafontaine, but Reggie Leach was an even more dynamic hockey player in the post-season which is a huge factor, especially in a playoff series. I'd be inclined to give Leach a slight advantage.

Sergei Fedorov is a better centre than Pat Lafontaine,

Both centres eight best seasons.
Lafontaine: 100, 83, 77, 77, 76, 76, 75, 69
Fedorov: 100, 90, 80, 76, 73, 70, 69, 64

Those are almost identical, considering some of Fedorov's better seasons. And then Fedorov's defensive game is a big deal-breaker for this comparison, as he won two Selkes, and 8 Top-10's in Selke Voting and also being a very responsible and reputable defensive player. Lafontaine doesn't have much to account for besides offense, which I will add is a pretty good offensive resume for a second line. But I think we can conclude that Fedorov is a much more valuable player than Lafontaine.

Now let's visit Northcott vs. Lewis, initially we are under the impression Northcott is the better of the two.

Northcott: 98, 90, 75, 64, 50, 50, 46
Lewis: 93, 93, 78, 71, 67, 62, 51

Northcott had one really good season, a pretty good one, a decent one, followed by pretty underwhelming ones.

Lewis had two pretty good seasons, a good one and a decent one, followed by pretty underwhelming seasons, but all are still better than Northcott's finishes beyond his fourth best.

Lewis is the better offensive player between the two.

When it comes to defensive ability, is there really that much that seperates them? Is Northcott a real shut down guy, he was rugged and good in the corners but I'm not overly convinced that he has much of an advantage on Lewis defensively, Herb was also significantly quicker than Baldy. I'm not really sure there's a real edge for Northcott in this comparison.

Australia holds the advantage on the second lines, Fedorov holds a pretty considerable advantage over Lafontaine, Leach if any at all, holds a tiny edge over Mogilny and there's almost nothing seperating Lewis and Northcott, please enlighten me if I'm missing out on anything, but I'm really convinced that there is not a particular advantage. Besides maybe Northcott being bigger and possibly a more physical presence.

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