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04-28-2012, 12:36 AM
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Originally Posted by McDunna with Fries View Post
The logic behind reseeding is that it would protect the higher seeds by playing the "worst team available" but that logic goes right out the window, because if a lower seed beats the higher seed in a seven game series, it's likely because the lower seeded team is just better lol.
This makes no sense at all. The 7 seed beating the 2 seed does not mean they are better it's just variance. If the 2 seed is 65% to win the series (around -190 in terms of betting odds) that means they still lose the series 1 in 3 times. 7 Game series is not nearly large enough of a sample size to determine which team is better overall in the long run (but the 82 game regular season, ignoring that schedules are unbalanced, would be much more indicative of which team is better). If the lower seeder team was just better than the higher seeded team that would be reflected in the standings beforehand and they wouldn't bet lower seeded. An exception to this is obviously if the lower ranked team made a key deadline acquisition, or the higher seed had a few big injuries (like daniel sedin for example). Another exception is the 3 v 6 matchup simply because of the way the nhl seeds the teams div 1 div 2 div 3 and then the next 5 in terms of points means the 6 seed very well could have been a better team than the 3 seed, just the 3 seed won in a weaker division (fla as opposed to nj).

The number 1 best way to do it, to favor the higher ranked teams (as they should be for earning that during the season) is to let them pick their opponent each round such that they will choose whoever they think they have the largest edge on. Since no league actually does this (maybe because they think it'll give the picked team motivation and such or just don't like the concept) the next best way to favor the top teams is to reseed so the top team always does play the worst teams.

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