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04-28-2012, 12:18 AM
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The craigslist suggestion for used gear is a good one. Ebay can net you some good stuff used and new. Personally, I think you should buy your helmet brand new. Don't skimp there as its the most important piece of equipment next to your jock.

Head on over to the goalie store forums; lots of helpful people there. Be a sponge, soak up all the knowledge you can get. As you learn more about the position you can start to develop your opinion and preference on what style you'll play. Here's some sites to get you started on the basics of technique:

look up videos on youtube too.

Skating is critical so I'd suggest buying a pair of goalie skates first and foremost and get out there on the rink. Get comfortable going forwards, backwards, stopping and then you can move on to more specific goalie movements like C-cuts. Once you've been skating a few times, you can strap on your leg pads and go to the public rink and practice your technique there. I don't really recommend throwing on all your gear and showing up at a drop-in. While trial-by-fire works for some people, you don't learn much when you're getting shelled. Take the time to learn the position and learn how to move in the crease. Once you've got some comfort level with that you can start getting hit by pucks.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress in the newbie thread!

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