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04-28-2012, 07:36 AM
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Just got around to watching Game 7 today, and for the first time in supporting the Panthers, im genuinely disappointed. Up until this point, i genuinely haven't been too disappointed when we lose, because it's become such a standard concept.

The achievements accomplished this year are a major positive for the franchise, and we gave everything we had in this Series, but man does it suck. I certainly wouldn't describe myself as someone who gets particularly emotionally invested in sport (I love sport, but if my team loses, so be it), but that was pretty cruel.

I thought some players were excellent in the third and beyond. Versteeg was exceptional. Other forwards who were very good were Weiss, Goc, Bergenheim and Madden. Madden is about as useless a player as you'll find for the majority of a season, but these types of games, his value is immeasurable.

On the other hand, Jovo needs to go. I just don't trust him at all. I didn't really trust Gudbranson either late in the game, but that is somewhat different. I didn't enjoy Kulikov either, but thats largely because he doesn't play a simple game.

Going Forward, i hope we begin to reap the rewards of a deep prospect system soon. For all this years addition of players has been a success, we do need more talent going forward. I don't really want to watch players like Matthias for very much longer.

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