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04-28-2012, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by BourqueBourqueBork View Post
Faceoffs lost us this game, IMO. It's no surprise that when we got a little better at them towards the end of the game, our play improved remarkably.

Rinne wasn't superhuman, but I can't be too negative because I thought he played well against most of the shots he faced. If anything, he needed to be more aggressive on Boedker's shot...but that was an all around ****up by the team. Neither him nor Klein looked like they knew what they wanted to do. Klein played the pass---passively...and let Boedker get way too close. Rinne looked more or less like a statue.

Faceoffs have to get better. Fisher was bad...Legwand was abysmal (which is surprising, since he was good last series). Trotz can't let that go much longer. I think he needs to put Gaustad in on almost every defensive faceoff.

57-11-47 was fast and controlled the puck rather well...but Radulov needs to work on shooting a little more. Or someone has to get IN FRONT of the net when Rads takes it behind the net. It's not going to be easy to score on Smith if you can't at least create some havoc...

...which leads me to 46-13-27. I don't think this line gelled well, but none of the players really had a bad game. In fact, Hornqvist had a great game. Other players need to follow his lead on what he was doing in front of the net. It was obviously effective (Fisher, I'm looking at you. One-timers just aren't working out for you in the playoffs so far).

All in all, I can't be overly negative (except that we lost). Some adjustments were made. Some still need to be made. We looked rusty for the first bit of the game, and it showed, and it cost us. Klein and Josi were not at top form, and they need to be. Everybody needs to be. Hopefully this loss will knock us down from the high of beating the Dead Things. I do not want to go down 2-0 to these guys. Too much pressure.
Klein made a mistake early in the game which cost us a goal on the powerplay but he played the two on one the way you are supposed to. I am not sure were people get you are supposed to play the guy with the puck or the one without the puck. Its basic hockey you shade towards the middle and your responsibility is to take the cross pass away in which Klein did. It is the goalie job to stop the shot from the guy who is coming in with the puck. The mistake was AK who instead of playing proper D made a poor decision and then fell down leaving Klein out to dry.

Peka has to stop a short side goal from the side and the goal on the faceoff in overtime. Weber should have played the body instead of the puck and we all saw the poor faceoff performances.

The goal off of Josi is a perfect example of why you do not flop on the ice like a fish like people love to do on hockey video games. Yes it works on NHL12 very well but is not so effective in real hockey Josi.

All in all i think are mistakes cost the Preds the game not being outplayed by the Yotes. Having a week off really showed. I hope Peka and the rest of the team got a nice early wake up call

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