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03-16-2006, 03:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Jester
+/- shows that he was on the ice for 16 more goals for than he was against at even strength. +/- is an overrated statistic, but give me a team that is all +16 and i got a good feeling about where we're going to sit at the end of the year.

personally i think more of our defensive problems stem from the forwards, but that's just me, given that the majority of the breakdowns have been w/ trailers and such (Carter is defintely guilty of not coming back hard at times...). Jones was also killing us with bad play of the puck at times as well.

rip Hatcher all you want, we went down the tube defensively with him out of the lineup.
That is what it shows, but it doesn't show if he actually did anything to accomplish it. With good offensive production 5 on 5 and no minus for special teams play it warps that stat considerably IF you consider that the Flyers were one of the worst PK teams in the league and gave up more goals on special teams than 5 on 5. If the Flyers were better on special teams they would still be on top and maybe the stat would bear out that he has been good. It doesn't.

The forwards may be the problem, but that is only because of the slow as hell defense. They shouldn't have to do all the work and that's what has happened. The rooks hurt, but you know that coming in. Rathje and Hatcher are elite defensemen reputationwise and they play like rookies. Slow, immobile, poor decision making rookies.

Hatcher was only out a couple games. They sucked leading up to that so Hatcher being out had nothing to do with it. That's a pretty weak example.

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