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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I think Blake was fine in transition offense, though probably not as good as he was in either zone, since his size and shot were his two biggest assets. I think his issue was transition defense, where his relatively poor decision making was his weakness.

As for Niedermayer, it's a little different. His R-on and R-off are both very high for the current NHL. It makes sense - his off-ice comparable went from Scott Stevens to Chris Pronger. While team definitely helped, I do think Niedermayer's high R-on is largely his own doing - he was an excellent even strength player with his skating, especially in his prime. Before I had access to these stats, I always said I'd take Nieds at even strength and Blake on both special teams when the two were compared based on "the eye test."

Blake's on-ice numbers are average, but other than a year and change of Bourque, his off ice comparables were not mega elite all-time greats (Adam Foote probably the best), so he really should have made more of a difference than he did at even strength.

I think he can be a #2 in the ATD, but he is definitely stronger on special teams than at even strength
I think a look at the difference is ratios is way more telling than raw looks at their values, which tell us more about team strength than anything else. The fact that Blake didn't significantly improve his team's scoring is more interesting to me than the fact that he and his teammates generally scored less than those being compared. I think him being average at ES is a totally fair conclusion, but I don't think his offense loses value. He still scored at a good rate ES wise so I expect him to be a factor there.

I wanted to bring Nieds into the conversation too, but you're right that it's just a different situation. Certainly having Pronger and Stevens on the ice when you aren't is going to help your teams R-Off numbers and skew a comparison in ratios.

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