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04-28-2012, 02:54 PM
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Originally Posted by J17 Vs Proclamation View Post
Just got around to watching Game 7 today, and for the first time in supporting the Panthers, im genuinely disappointed. Up until this point, i genuinely haven't been too disappointed when we lose, because it's become such a standard concept.

The achievements accomplished this year are a major positive for the franchise, and we gave everything we had in this Series, but man does it suck. I certainly wouldn't describe myself as someone who gets particularly emotionally invested in sport (I love sport, but if my team loses, so be it), but that was pretty cruel.

I thought some players were excellent in the third and beyond. Versteeg was exceptional. Other forwards who were very good were Weiss, Goc, Bergenheim and Madden. Madden is about as useless a player as you'll find for the majority of a season, but these types of games, his value is immeasurable.

On the other hand, Jovo needs to go. I just don't trust him at all. I didn't really trust Gudbranson either late in the game, but that is somewhat different. I didn't enjoy Kulikov either, but thats largely because he doesn't play a simple game.

Going Forward, i hope we begin to reap the rewards of a deep prospect system soon. For all this years addition of players has been a success, we do need more talent going forward. I don't really want to watch players like Matthias for very much longer.

Gotta disagree on three guys. Jovo was solid througout the seven games, very physical reminding me of the young Jovo, and his leadership was evident on the ice and believe me off the ice as well. He is a very important part of this team. Guds is a star in the making and played very well, moreso when he had more important minutes as Garrison was out. Any dman over the course of the season or a playoff series will have breakdowns but they were both consistent and solid. Even Campbell, who most panthers fans think is the second coming of Bobby Orr, was beaten defensively and made some questionable decisions for him. For example, the second goal in game seven he was outhustled and outmuscled by a four foot tall gionta on a goal that was all him. He was probably tired from playing so many minutes, but as good as he is and he has been great for us, he has also had his moments. And Mattias is very young and as a big strong skater he is an ideal third or fourth line center, he will not be a scoring line center people want him to be but he is so strong on the puck and does a lot of the little things, such as his board play leading to the second goal in game five.

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