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04-28-2012, 05:50 PM
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Originally Posted by MSGFaithful View Post
By Lund or By Sea.

Just got back from the main board. HOLY LOL. First off, they are complaining that we celebrated like we won the cup. Guess it's too loud for them. How about next time your coach doesn't criticize our arena?

Kreider is going to be a superstar. He was everywhere. And that shot was tremendous. Kudos to Sather for not giving him up.

About the fact that we had 14 shots: I'm fine with it. We learned it in game 5. Getting 40 shots with only 5 quality ones is worse than getting 14 shots with 7 quality ones.

Holtby looked shaky in game 7, and he showed it here. His confidence was rocked today. To whoever thought that he's on par with Hank: please send me what you are smoking.

Ovi was DESTROYED by McD and Girardi. Kickass. Semin looked like an immature dumbass with those 2 penalties. Tripping on the forecheck? Bro... Also, LOL to Green not paying attention and going for a change.

Olczyk absolutely hates the Rangers. It's pathetic.

BIG win. Let's do it again on Monday. Take all the confidence out of those frontrunning mother****ers.

No he doesn't. He is just pumping the bigger stars in this series. Those stars happen to be on the Caps. If Gabs actually did something he would be all over his junk.

I have seen a few games with him gushing about the Rangers. Not quite as much as Chicago, but still.

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