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04-28-2012, 07:28 PM
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The negative crowd has to keep their mouths shut.

Back in 1994 when the Rangers were on their way to winning their first Stanley Cup in 54 years, I was years 6 old. My dad, a lifelong Ranger fan, tried his hardest to get me into the games. Alas, I was 6 years old, and a 1st grader doesn't have the attention span for hockey. So... I missed out on one of the greatest playoff runs in NHL history.

Fast forward to 1997. I'm 10 years old. I play hockey. I love hockey. Messier and Gretzky back together. They go to the Eastern Conference Finals against the hated Philadelphia Flyers. I'm a New York fan in South Jersey as the entire area goes into Flyers frenzy. Mind you... I'm a 4th grader. I wear my Starter blank Ranger away jersey to school EVERY FREAKING DAY of the playoffs. I get nothing but abuse, and cry my first sports tears when the Flyers win it in 5.

9 years of obscurity, underachievement... and plain old bad hockey.

Fast forward to today. We are 1st in the East. Something I never thought we could have achieved. We went down 3 games to 2 against a team that plays us well.... and we came back. Washington scores a KILLER goal with 3 seconds left in the 2nd. WE respond with 2 goals in the 3rd and lockdown defense. Game one goes to the greatest city in the world... the city I'm moving to after I'm done school.

I've witnessed a vast majority of crap when it comes to my Rangers, and my Mets. Then 2012 comes along... and there's some hope. I rejoice with my fans.... and then every time there's ONE bad play, half the community craps all over the team that taken us through one of the greatest rides we've been through as Ranger fans.

Here's what I have to say.... GO THE F HOME!!!! This season and this ride has been incredible... and whether it's raising the Cup or falling short, I will be proud of what this team has accomplished and look forward to the bright future we have.


(and BTW... if i hear one more comment about their effort... YOU go get down in front of a 100 mph slapshot and tell me about commitment)

love this team... love this system... you should too

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