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11-22-2003, 11:37 AM
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nope bbc, itv and channel 4 dont cover anything to do with hockey.

thankfully there's channel 5 but they treat the north american sport audience (and in this im including NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) like total crap, so the NHL is only on for one day of the week (and it happens to be on the day i have a lecture the next morning meaning i cant watch it) and in that they show only goal clips.


next wednesday after a LOOOOOONG time the Oilers vs Red Wings is going to be televised, screw lecture im watching as for the heritage classic its on a satellite channel which i haven't got but thats why i'm off to london to watch the game in a bar on sunday. thus most of the news i get from HF concerning the Oilers since there is so little coverage of them on and used to be a good source for news but its turned into and to be honest this board is so great i need not go there.

Thanks for all the news updates ppl, you keep ppl like me and Asiaoil real clued up on wots goin on thanks.

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