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04-28-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by TorontoTrades View Post
lets just stop with the Kesler offers... clearly not going to happen.. they dealt Hodgson because he couldn't move up.. they're not going to flip Kesler just months after.

if that gets it done for Luongo I'd be very happy.. I think the Canucks would prefer Armstrong to Komisarek though.
Does Komisarek have a NMC or a NTC?

If he has a NMC, it's a non-starter. The Canucks couldn't afford his cap hit on the team, even if they move Luongo. The Canucks simply have no cap room, and you don't deal players who contribute just to fit in Komisarek's cap hit.

Whatever cap dump the Canucks take (if they are worthwhile pieces to take a cap dump) has to be able to be waived and their cap hit eliminated.

The Canucks are playing above the cap as it is, and Schneider's raise will eat up most of Luongo's cap, while their replacements and re-signing will take up the rest. The Canucks simply can not take on the cap hit of a player that they can't send to the minors.

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