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Originally Posted by Hamilton Tigers View Post
I don't buy that B.S. either. Hamilton met all the criteria, while both Tampa and Ottawa almost none. Ron Joyce, Tim Horton's owener, was not allowed to discuss indemnification. Why?

The fix was in.

BTW, RPM, welcome to the boards!
Thanks for the welcome

I remember Joyce balking at the 50 million as clear as yesterday. if he just paid the damn fee, hamilton would have gotten the team (and a lot cheaper than todays going gough rate will be). I'd like to see both with teams, but it seems like Markham has an inside track, heck the Leafs even had a rep there, so they must be spooked !! Hopefully where there's smoke there's fire.

Although I wish people in S. Ont. would stop going to sabres games... only hurting there chances of getting a team in Hamilton area by supporting Buffalo.

Well at least we have 2 options for another team.. hopefully 1 pans out, God willing both do

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