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04-29-2012, 12:42 AM
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ive said it a few times, if this team lost in the first round, i'd still be exceptionally proud of what they accomplished this year. Its insane how much this team is overacheiving right the sense that, they should be this good in 2 years...not right now. I think anyone whose following the trajectory of this it's built, etc, would tell you, the Rangers will be hitting their peak in 2 years. When Kreider has had a few years under his belt, McDonagh has established himself as a #1, and youve got 3 first pairing caliber defenseman, etc, etc, etc.

Instead...the Rangers are well ahead of schedule. IMHO anything we do this year in the playoffs is just bonus. And right now, with how wide open the field is after Vancouver, Boston, AND the Pens were eliminated.....ANYTHING is possible :-O

With that said, I still stand behind my assertion that if the Caps were smart, they would open this series up. If they try to go toe-to-toe with the rangers trying to beat us at our own game, that's when they will lose. If they try to win every game 2-1, they will lose. If they try to win games 6-5 agianst us, they will slaughter us. They arent trying to play that game...which is, imho, a serious mistake.

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