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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
I merged this into the other Denver area rec league thread, because it might help.

Can you describe more about what that level represents in Minnesota?

I would say that the better "C" leagues in Westminster, some of us played college club, maybe one-fourth played high school, and the rest either played some youth hockey (but quit before high school) or picked it up as an adult.

Right now, I play goal for a few upper-C teams there. Did you sign up for the summer? Right now is the tail end of the winter playoffs, so I'd recommend going to a few playoff games from the levels you are considering, and see what you think.
The definition for the league was Level 2 - Beginner to Intermediate - Players / Goalies at this level will have some hockey experience but still looking for an easy, fun pace. I am still waiting to sign up but am leaning towards D1 just to make sure I am not too out-matched. I will have to go watch the leagues playing in the playoffs right now, do you know where I can find the game times for lower C and D level leagues?

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