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04-29-2012, 01:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Kesid View Post
Well, what I can say? I'm very sad I was watching guys like Tenkrát (guess what, you can't slash the other guy-he did the same thing vs. Sweden), Nedvěd (you know, you have to help in defense too, right? use your speed on the whole ice), Vondrka (playing 1st line in 3rd, are you serious?!?), Mojžíš (playing puck like a hot potatoe) and Krajíček (who played without any effort, I don't believe this guy needs shower after games).

Tlustý was invisible with Tenkrát in line, then he switched to line with Vincour and it was fine (unfortunately their center was Nedvěd, not Plekanec), Kindl looked very average, Vincour got wheels and skills, really enjoyed to watch this guy, Hemský and Plekanec were okay, unfortunately played in bad lines so they had to do something by themself, Štěpánek was fine (except that one goal).

Powerplay was horrible, Hadamczik showed us how you can't do that - it was like watching Pens, where everyone wants to create chance for others, where everyone wants to be the guy - playmaker - who makes the final pass and by everyone I mean Nedvěd, Plekanec and Hemský. It's not working. Only guy who was shooting was Nakládal.

Watching SWE-RUS was like different level of game...
Almost everything in this post is true. IMO we're not going win anything with Nedvěd on our top6. I'd love if he proved me wrong and scored some big goals in medal round games though.

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