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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
Actually, the roster was just announced

Dennis Endras, Dimitrij Kotschnew, Dimitri Pätzold

Sinan Akdag, Christopher Fischer, Nikolai Goc, Justin Krueger, Kevin Lavallee, Florian Ondruschka, Denis Reul, Christoph Schubert

Alexander Barta, Philip Gogulla, Thomas Greilinger, Sebastian Furchner, Marcel Goc, Kai Hospelt, Evan Kaufmann, Marcus Kink, Frank Mauer, André Rankel, Patrick Reimer, Felix Schütz, John Tripp, Christoph Ullmann

Cut were Moritz Müller, Felix Petermann and Tim Schüle on defense and Martin Buchwieser, Jerome Flaake and Daniel Pietta on offense.
I am starting to not like our new coach.

I really liked Schüle in the games I watched, and while I understand that we are lacking some defensively responsible defenders, I don't like the fact that Lavallee and Ondruschka are on the team.
But what really bothers me is that Pietta was cut, while two, undoubtedly skilled but often lazy, players like Gogulla and Greilinger are on the team.

Also, while I liked his effort in the friendlies, I am not really sold on Furchner.

No, I am not very happy with this. But then again, I was complaining about some of Krupp's decisions and they mostly worked out quite well in the end.

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