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04-29-2012, 08:16 AM
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I pack everything EXACTLY the same way in the same placement every time, so as to avoid those moments at the rink: "oh shoot, I forgot my..."

- pants in middle of 40" non-wheeled bag with shin pad inside each leg
- large plastic bag at left of pants containing: 1 dark/1 white jersey, hockey socks, clean t-shirt/underwear
- smaller plastic bag inside larger one with jock, 4 nylon bands for shin pads (don't use tape), and net mesh bag to hold wet clothes after playing
- helmet on right side with one elbow pad inserted into it
- other elbow pad and gloves on top of pants
- shoulder pads on top of gloves - zip bag closed and everything fits perfectly

- left skate into left outside pouch with skate socks inserted into boot
- right skate into right outside pocket with rag underneath skate to wipe off skates

I follow this structure religiously, and have not forgotten an item in a long time, when I used to do so frequently

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