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04-29-2012, 09:40 AM
Joey Banana
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With Endras being the clear cut #1 I really hope we don't end up in any shootouts.
I wish that if we did, that the coaches would put the backup in for the shootout.
Seriously? I can still sense some ******** about Endras´ PO run.

Well, and finally Ondruschka gets his chance. Reul and Lavallee are for "size matters", i guess () and i do not really like the idea of evan kaufmann being on the team. At least Flaake would have brough some talent.

But i can understand the decision. Pietta seems to have some kind of personal problems (i think i read something about it) right now and Flaake is not matured enough to play on this stage of hockey yet. Also i am very happy for Akdag and Mauer.

And i hope that Ondruschka + Akdag do a damn good job, because i can not take Reul or Lavallee playing more than 5 minutes. Hell, i dont want them to play at all.

But it actually doesn´t matter. As long as our core guys play like they played the last two years, it will be a great tournament. Also we have a serious international defenseman again, Schubert. How wonderful.

(I would love to see a game against Switzerland with Schubert, Reul and Tripp bullying them like in the old days )

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