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Originally Posted by Patrick2 View Post
Faced with these kind of difficulties in the past, the solution has been found to form a league, going right back to the formation of the NHL in 1917.

The true future of hockey depends on strong fan base following, and the ability to watch games live. That means the teams need to be located in places where the fans live, and the average fan need to be able to afford to go to the games.

In Europe, all the larger countries have their own independent leagues, and support them by attending the games. Why can that not be a model for us in Canada?


That alone has the potential to develop into a new league. Remember there is a large arena in Saskatoon as well.

The WHA tried to go head to head with the NHL back in 1972, and it failed. But it lasted far longer than a number of the NHL owners of the day suspected it would. Only one of the success stories of the WHA has had a continuous existence in the same market - the Oilers.

Then of course there are the minor leagues, but all they all seem like third or fourth tier leagues and are predominantly NHL farm teams. I recognize for the time being, that's the way it is.

So in pondering a future hockey landscape I am just asking why is it the NHL or nothing for pro hockey fans in Canada? If you are perfectly content to only watch hockey on tv, this might not matter to you. But for those of us who enjoy going to actual games across the Canada, the season is over. And its too soon.

I look forward to the day when there is an alternative that we can attend.
There's the Q, OHL and WHL.

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