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04-29-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Skrimpy View Post
I haven't read the entire thread yet but I was thinking yesterday after listening to the NBC non-Ranger homers and that moron, Barry Melrose talking about how many posts the Caps hit, I think they all got it wrong. It seems like they are saying, "The post won the game for the Rangers". I tend to disagree and after watching the post game what everyone failed to mention is probably 4 or 5 of those 6-7 posts they hit were deflected off of Lundqvist's saves. If they deflected off of him they count as shots on goal and posts do not. Anyone else notice this? I think the homers are getting too excited about hearing the puck hit the post and misinterpreting it. Agreed?
Yeah I saw Barry's analysis. I don't know what he was smoking. The Rangers dominated on the forecheck that game, dominated possession. Caps had a couple chances but no real sustained pressure.

I think Barry is picking the Caps because he saw how much the Rangers struggled with Ottawa. Thinking that if they struggled so much against the 8th seed they will struggle so much against the 7th.

I did agree with him that Holtby needs to be better but I think the Rangers are going to be even more relentless down low.

The biggest issue the Rangers had against Ottawa was mobile Dmen who could skate end to end or transition the puck quickly. There is pretty much no one on Caps D that does that(Green isn't that type of skater). On top of that they don't play a quick transition style. The Caps are going to get chances off Rangers mistakes. Rangers minimize their mistakes, Caps won't have much to work with.

I am not saying the Caps can't win the series, but they will have to be FAR more physical if they want a chance. Hunter's passive strategy works well against other teams who don't want to commit to the physical play. But the ones who are relentless with their forecheck will expose it.

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