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04-29-2012, 12:51 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post

No they don't. Writers are like the players, done at the rink hours before game time. Watching to see whose hurt, whose dressing, getting pre-game comments when they can, etc. In some cases, the writers are there before the players. I know I was and many around me I seen were as well. They may catch the first period, that'd be it, and that's not a guarantee.

It's rather sad how little respect there is in this thread for what a sports journalist does. It's not easy wor. Enjoyable, but not easy.
Doesnt that kind of prove my point. There is no doubt these guys know the teams they cover but how can they objectively write stories on a national level and vote on these awards?

I respect anyone who puts in a hard days work but it doesnt mean I will read their articles. There are guys who you can tell know what they are talking about when you are reading their articles and there are the ones where you can tell they are just reading box scores. I stay away from the latter.

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