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04-29-2012, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by edd1e View Post
No Lydman,Koivu,Salo,Ruutu,Vatanen,Hagman just from top of my head..

So few more than two
Hagman isn't in shape to be playing in the top 6 for Finland right now. Ruutu is injured as is Vatanen and I already said I forgot about him. Salo will never play for the NT anymore - book it.

And about Koivu he said before as in last year, when asked if he wanted to join the national team that he doesn't want to take any authority away from his brother by joining the team as a leader. I believe this is also why he didn't come this year.Sure he has said that his goal is to play until Sochi, but it doesn't mean that he will play in the NT. Also he and Teemu have implied many times that it's time for a change of guard in the national team. I don't have any quotes for you. I read it somewhere but can't be arsed to look for it. But you could also look at the fact that they are pretty darn old. Selšnne is 41, Koivu is 37 and his level has been constantly dropping too, Salo is 37 and Timonen is also 37. Ie. Swedes have already gone through this generation change.

It's funny how defensive the Finns over here get ... Fact to the matter is that outside Korpikoski Finlands yongest regular NHL players are -84 born. The old guard in Timonen, Salo, Selšnne and Koivu is pretty much already gone and right now there is no one to take that mantle. The next few years we will have the worst teams in a long time. Luckily there are some great prospects finally coming out of Finland for the future, but it'll take a while for them to develop and meanwhile Finland will have pretty bad teams.

Just a funny fact: If Selšnne, Koivu, Salo and retires next year, which could happen we'll have 2 regular NHL defenceman. And around 15 regular NHL-players out of which only 5 are playing top 6 minutes. Defence is looking especially horrible for Sochi. If Vatanen ends up not making the NHL, we could have just 2 NHL-defenceman for Sochi. Luckily we have the goaltenders that can bail them out...

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