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Originally Posted by Markstroms pads View Post
Take the stats the guy posted earlier in the thread and do some math.

Canada has 550 000 registered players, Sweden has 68 000. Take 550 000/68 000 and you should get about 8. Sweden has 57 NHL players(and more on the way). Now take 8*57 and you get 456. Canada has 420 players. So if Sweden was the same size as Canada and had as many registered players we'd have more NHLers than Canada. You'd have Bosse Orrvardsson and Wille Gretzström.

Of course the math is not 100% but it should tell you something.

Not bad for a country where most of the kids choose to play football.
Sweden have 57 NHL players 68000/57=1175
Denmark have 6 nhl players 4405/6=734
So if Denmark was the same size as Sweden and had as many registered players they would have more NHLers than Sweden and would be the leading hockey nation in the world.

So by your logic every country should look to denmark to see how you properly develop young players

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