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Originally Posted by aLus View Post
Why do you have to keep trying to downplay how good Sweden is at developing talents? Going over to the AHL for a season after being drafted in the first round isn't the same thing.
I haven't downplayed swedens development. They are obviously among the best, but saying number of players divided with number of nhl players = best hockey development is simply idiotic.

Originally Posted by Ferros View Post
You don't see the difference between danish players coming to Sweden to play when they are very young untill they leave for North America and Swedish players that are developed untill they're around 19-22 years old and go to AHL for a season or two before they get to NHL?
Ok so you are saying that 16-18 is more important than 19-22 and the first day you put on your skates to you are 16. You might be right.

According to your argument though there should still be better swedish than danish nhl player ratio since they get development from the worlds best hockey development from they first start with hockey. The danish players mentioned only get world class development for 3 years and some only got it for a few months. How can they have better NHL ratio than sweden then?

If you didn't understand by now I'm just showing how ridiculous the ratio argument is

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