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04-29-2012, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Habtacular View Post
Rotting in the minors? It's perfectly normal for prospects to spend some time in the ahl adjusting to the professional game. IMO Leblanc could have done with more of that this year and a good long stint with Hamilton next year with first line minutes, pp opportunities, etc.

Agree with what others have said, while Leblanc may be NHL ready in the sense that he could hold his own on the wing of a third line, that doesn't mean that's best for his development. He's almost certainly not ready to play centre at the NHL-level or to play top six minutes or matchups at that level. That's a fast way to mess up decent prospects.
Undervaluing of Leblanc here is totally off the charts.

You guy's don't see it heh ?..
Kid's need's one thing to be a top 9 in the NHL. Body strenght.

He's a natural center let's play him @ C.

Also, Leblanc is a Blue-chip prospect, look at most of the blue-chip prospect : Eberle, Came in @ 20,. Henrique, Came in @ 22 (1 AHL year.). Hodgson, Came in at 20, regular at 2 1 AHL year. Couturier, Came in at 18. B. Schenn at 20. Skinner @ 18. Couture had 1 AHL year. Benn @ 20. Versteeg @ 21. Neal @ 20. Giroux, had a similar rookie season has Lou.

Obviously, you'll just shove this with the back of your hand and make a bold statement..And I don't think those players were actually better at this very moment of their career.

But the fact is, The ''detroit way'' is not always the right one. Leblanc is nhl-ready like-it or not, the only thing he needed was speed and strenght.

Before seeing Lou play in the off-season I tought that he needed two or three years of hockey developpement, But Leblanc is alot bnetter than I tought he is and he can actually be good on NHL lvl.

Obviously i'm not saying Giroux IS going to be has good as all those but I have all my stock in him and Eller.

Originally Posted by bcv View Post
Is Leblanc ready to play on the 1st line? Nop.

Let Leblanc dominate in the AHL like Patches did, it can only do good.
Wait... Did I ever mentionned First line.

Use top 9. Not 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Furthermore would you prefer seeing Lou puttin up 30 points at center while playing good at Defense and having a better learning curve AND at the same time have DDplay the wing wich would mean less defensive responsabilities and as many offensive responsabilties OR having DD play the center, with great offense and close to non-sense in the Ozone has a C and having Lou playing so well deserved top line AHL minutes.

My opinion not facts.

Your opinion not facts.

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