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Seeking advice on getting back into skating/playing after a loooong hiatus

Hey everyone - new to the boards, and just getting back into skating/playing. I feel like there are a few board members who are in the same boat as I am, or have been in similar spots during their playing 'careers'.

A little back story. Born in Russia, and was pretty much on skates 5 months out of the year from 6-12yo. Came to the states when I was 12, and had to drop hockey in lieu of another sport. Fast forward 21 years to December and my 4 year old is all of a sudden really fascinated with hockey/skating. So we take him to the local rink - and he loves it, which gives me an opportunity to take him rather frequently and also work on my skating. I get a pair of grafs and we start going regularly. There are a couple of adult leagues that are starting up in the fall and I would like to join a lower (C league) which has a wide range of abilities - from complete n00bs to decent players. So my questions are as follows:

1. What is the most constructive way to spend time during open skate sessions (when I take my son)? We go during off peak times on week nights, so it's just usually him and I and a random teenage couple. I am decent at going left (both crossovers and hockey turns), hockey stop is fine going right, going backwards and stopping backwards are fine as well. Uncomfortable crossing over to the right, hockey turning to the right, hockey stopping to the left (obv should work on these areas). Any drill ideas are much appreciated.

2. My rink also holds skate-and-shoots (where scrimmaging is not allowed). Got some prelim equipment (helment, stick, gloves) and am planning on going to a couple sessions this week. Haven't held a stick in a couple decades - so again, any advice on basic drills and stuff I should be working on is appreciated

3. Any off ice stick and conditioning I should be doing? I am at the gym 4-5x a week, mainly weight-training.

I understand that these are extremely broad questions and topics, but maybe we can get a collection of suggestions, youtube clips, and some personal experiences coming back to the game we love.

Thank you all!

...clip of my son skating after a couple of months on skates:

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