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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
1) Going from 4.1M per year to 5M per year is a raise. Capgeek is great.
2) When was that? He hasn't reached either of those stats in four years.
3) Playing well and not putting up points. What's he paid to do? Win face-offs? Block shots? Hit people? Stay out of the penalty box? Why don't you actually go look at his stats for the season.
4) An 8th rounder is a tad bit sarcastic, but I don't expect to get anything significant for him.
5) Yes, there's isn't a UFA on the market who we could sign for 5M or less who could play as well as Hemsky did 4 years ago. Wake up. This is 2012. Not 2008.
6) No. Yakupov is an incredible replacement for Hemsky. He will play in the 12/13 season. He's already Hemsky's size and he hasn't A) Had time to put on weight over the off-season. B) Get in better shape for the columbine. C) Gone through training camp.

Please think things out before you try to nuke me.
First off, watch your tone please.

1) Click on the salary tab beside the cap hit tab. Hemsky was paid 5M this season.
2) He's still in his prime and guys like Havlat and Gaborik bounced back after everyone wrote them off due to injuries. Why can't Hemsky, especially if he's paired with a dynamic sniper like Yakupov?
3) Yup he was bad this season. But plenty of good players have had a bad season. Hemsky is still young enough to rebound.
4) If you don't expect to get anything why move him when we have no better options? Why not let him raise his trade value passing to Yakupov.
5) Hemsky remains our best bet at a point getter on the 2nd line. Why sign some schlub we know can't do it instead of giving a 2nd chance to a guy who we draft, who's been here forever, and played very well for us?
6) Yakupov is a great talent, but he is still a kid. Maybe in 2 years guys like Yakupov, Paajarvi and Hartikainen make Hemsky redundant, but we aren't there yet.

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