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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
1) Yes. Now look at Luongo's contract. He's making 1M in the last season. I don't expect him to play the last year of that contract but if he did... and if he was given 3M in the last year of that contract would that be considered a raise just because he made more money than what he did in the last season? He's getting a raise because his average salary throughout the entirety of the contract is higher.
2) Yes. I suggested earlier in the year that someone would be crazy enough to sign Hemsky for 6M and that he he could turn into the next Gaborik. I probably said it half a dozen times. I don't feel it's in our best interest in rolling the dice on that one.
3) Yes. Again you're rolling the dice on a guy who hasn't had a good season for four years. He didn't just have a bad season. He's just had his forth bad season.
4) Yakupov and Hartikianen are better options. Yakupov can put the puck in the net and Hartikainen can provide a physical presence. Heck. Even Dustin Penner would be better. He's got decent hands, he's big and he stays healthy.
5) I'd rather have a decent player play 80 games than have a good player play 30 games.
6) That's just a matter of opinion. I believe most of what I've said has been based off of cold hard facts.
2. Hemsky would've fetched the same price elsewhere just as easily if not more. Be happy someone wanted to stay in Edmonton.
3. PPG player is bad? 3 seasons ago he put 66 points. Last 2 he put up ppg on a 30th place team. Terrible.
4. Obviously Yakupov is better than Hemsky, but Yakupov is probably gonna be better than hall or eberle. You're also forgetting that hemsky is of the better playmakers in the game. Hemsky>Harski and Penner.
5. How about a great player that plays 70~ games? his name is Ales Hemsky.

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