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Originally Posted by Starbuds View Post
I play juvenile (Junior C) in British Columbia and in my experience, if you don't play rep('A' or 'B' level) and put up large amounts of money and time for hockey, the development system is not good at all. Playing "house" (local hockey) consists or a 1hour and 15 minute practice and possibly a game a week (the odd week doesn't have a game).

So you get a practice half the length of a "rep" practice and maybe a game a week. The people coaching you are the parents of the kids on the team and very rarely are they good ones (doing the same drills every week, don't have any sort of a system, useless drills).

This is just my experience playing on Vancouver Island and I do remember a much stronger development system when I lived and played in Edmonton.
Obviously development at that level is crappy, nobody playing there is going to make the NHL (no offense).

This is why it's extremely short-sighted to just look at registered players. Obviously when you have many, many more registered players they're not all going to get the same treatment, that's ridiculous. I'd say 5% of Canada's registered players are actually a part of the system which Canada uses to produce NHL-caliber players, and that's being extremely generous. It's pretty clear that when you have a much smaller, more manageable number of registered players (Sweden), a higher percentage will get the benefits of the developmental system. If a country took a small number of kids and focused and put all their attention into grooming them into NHL players, it seems logical to me that a higher percentage would turn out (not saying this is Sweden's system in particular, just using an extreme example of why registered players is an irrelevant stat).

I know every non-Canadian on hf likes to team up on us but how exactly is it arrogant for Canadians to bump their chests about their developmental system but it's fine for Sweden?

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