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Part 2 of 2...

Wild fans speak about the 2011-12 season and the future, according to fans all eyes will be on Mikael Granlund, Part 2 of 2

Written by Derek Felska | 22 April 2012

How do you respond to pressure? Does it make you anxious or are you cool, calm and collected? Do you feel your stomach tighten or do you break out in hives? How people handle pressure is a big difference maker of what makes certain individuals successful while others fall short. Professional athletes are no different. Terms like 'poise' and 'calm demeanor' as well as 'doesn't panic' are what you want to hear about future prospects. Yet, the pressure of being a prospect is one thing but the pressure of actually delivering on your supposed potential is another. As we finish up our 'Wild fans speak' article, it is abundantly clear that expectations are going to be extremely high for Mikael Granlund who is thought by many to be one of the best players outside of the NHL. Some fans are even referring to Granlund as Baby Jesus, is he going to be able to deliver on being the team's savior? For the most part Granlund has handled the pressure tremendously, and has already accomplished quite a bit by winning a Sm-Liiga championship with HIFK Helsinki as well as a World Championship before he's turned 20 years old. Yet, could the mounting pressure be catching up to him? Afterall, a guy who has been one of the most dominant players in a tough men's league like the Sm-Liiiga should just dominate at this year's U-20 World Junior Championships right? Well yes and no. Granlund did end up being one of the leading scorers in the tournament but in the most pressure packed moment of the tournament for Team Finland, a shootout chance where he could keep his team's hopes alive just watch what took place.

The five fans we talked to discussed Granlund and many other questions pertaining to the Wild and the franchise's current direction. The first fan is Brian Mills, a classmate and a hockey fanatic like myself. One of these fans are message board regulars in KISSArmyMan who you may remember chimed in with his two cents about the Wild's performance at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft last summer. Our other two respondents are regulars of the Wild portion of the Hockey's Future message boards. Jarick, a former regular who along with a few other fans has their own blog called, and Se7en a California-based Wild fan. I asked each of these fans 8 questions on a variety of Wild related subjects.

This is the second portion of a 2-part fan survey. You can see the first part here which includes the responses about Mikael Granlund. I want to take this opportunity to thank each of these individuals for contributing their views. But I'd like to challenge my readers to share their views as well. Do you agree with these fans' assessments of the direction of this club or what do you see happening? Please share your comments below. Without further adieu here is their responses to the final four questions of the fan survey. (click on the link for the rest of the article)

There you go people, discuss!

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