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04-30-2012, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Bishop7979 View Post
Second, everyone believes that he's going to want to leave for what, more playing time? a bigger role in an offense? He played two minutes less per game than Geno and a minute less per game than Sid in the playoffs. I can't really see someone wanting to leave a competitive team to play two minutes more a game on Toronto or Dallas
Geno and Sid get much different minutes though. Both get a couple more minutes and almost entirely in offensive situations. Staal gets a couple less minutes and plays a lot of those in defensive situations like the PK and defensive zone faceoffs etc. Very different and maybe not satisfying to him. Only he knows.

I do think it's going to cost us 5.5m to re-sign Staal. I think he gets even more from another team or the open market. Only way it's less is if he gets a ridiculously long contract and the Pens haven't handed any of those out.

I agree that there are more likely candidates to be moved. Martin is at the top of that list and I agree that he's moveable despite the bad season. He's still a good enough player that some team will take him.

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