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04-30-2012, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by thadd View Post
4) I don't expect Hartikainen to provide offence. I expect him to do what Ryan Smyth did when he as younger. Forecheck, play the body, pressure the opposition and stand in front of the net. I think that'll work wonders for Yakupov and Gagner.
5) Hemsky hasn't been an impact player on the Oil squad for a while. When he was healthy during those years you mentioned, we still stank. Healthy Hall is an impact player. The team is noticeably better with him in the line-up.
6) If Paajarvi starts next year in Edmonton I'll be infuriated.
Ok, slowly whittling down your arguments. Hopefully this response will finish them off.

4) Ryan Smyth scored 39g as a rookie. Hartikainen wouldn't even get to half of that if he played a top 6 role here next season. How many chances did Teemu wiff on during his stint up here? He flat out isn't ready to be handed a top 6 role just because he had one 2g game. We need someone to get points on the 2nd line so Yakupov doesn't have to carry the line as a rookie.
5) I sure noticed Hemsky in his 47 and 22 game seasons. He was one of our best players in near every one of those games. The team is noticeably better with a healthy Hemsky in the lineup too.
6) Paajarvi in the AHL = 0.735ppg and you'll be infuriated if he plays in Edmonton.
Hartikainen in the AHL = 0.627ppg and he should be gifted a top 6 role.
Care to rethink your stance?

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