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Originally Posted by Fuelled by Passion View Post
Absolutely no production from some players. Veterans and leaders. IDK what it is but if they won't get it going Phoenix will sweep Nashville. I remember saying that Rads return could hurt Preds, so far he is disappointment in this series and in all but one game vs Detroit, considering how much quality ice-time he gets and how the lines changes for him. All hot players will end up to play with him.
Where are all this guys with a quotes of how amazing is Radulov and how bad Kosty-brothers and Hornqi are now?
Seriously tho, only team as unit win series not single players and something is wrong right now in Nashville, gather up and kick some ass boyz!
Remember when I said how I didn't want the team chemistry to be messed up w/ the addition of Rads. Well since the addition of Rads, the Fisher line has gone down the tubes and now the rest of the teams play too in this series it seems. Hope the team can get it together cause if they are waiting for Rads to save them, it isn't coming. Got to have a whole team effort to win. Seems to me like too much watching going on and not enough playing going on by our players. Hello help your teammate out guys and wake up!

And what was Legwand thinking w/ throwing the puck in front of our net to give the other team a goal. Just awful.

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