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04-30-2012, 08:52 AM
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Originally Posted by svartgul View Post
You're continuously being a ***** in this thread and you haven't taken a single criticism to heart. Can you just stop please? North American sports clubs are franchises that are bought, sold and moved on a whim. A Swedish club is cemented in it's geography and can't change location. You just don't understand what real hockey culture is, if we would listen to you Swedish hockey would die out in a decade. I'm a Skellefteå AIK fan, my team's rival is Björklöven, it doesn't matter what sport or what division we're playing against each other, they are our rivals. It's not something you can recreate for some misguided supposed economical reason.

I'll say it for the fiftyeleventh time, the KHL will _NEVER_ ever be a European wide league and the huge amount of reasons has been stated over and over here.
you say that Björklöven would not be rival of your club if they played european leagues instead of swedish one? Interesting.. nice.

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