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04-30-2012, 09:08 AM
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Originally Posted by Molseed View Post
Not getting the Cousins pick at all. So many holes on the team and they essentially use multiple picks to get two QBs? That was a luxury pick when they didn't have room for luxuries. If I'm Cousins I'm not thrilled either considering RG III is going to get 98% of the coaches attention.

Thought I read somewhere this was the first time in 20+ years that a team took two QBs in the first four rounds.
Shanahan said Cousins in the 4th was a steal. Thats why Shanahan took him. Was it the right move? Who knows, but if it means Sexy Rexy is not long for a roster spot I am happy.

And I would think Cousins being taken in the 4th pisses him off more than him going to a team like the Skins who has Griffin. That means 31 other teams passed on him multiple times. NO matter who drafted him it seems clear all 32 teams see him as a back up and thats it.

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