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04-30-2012, 09:28 AM
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There were probably 2 teams Cousin's didn't want to go to. We all know which 2. Its like a good player being stuck in Hershey. Yeah yeah, its good for him to be stuck behind better players, we all know. But is that what is best for his development?

If Cousins was that great a steal, I would think teams should have been offering up picks to get that spot from us.

He was picked because Shanny doesn't have faith that 3 can stay healthy for the long term. Only, Shanny won't tell you that. Short term, you can roll with a vet backup.

But he almost risks creating his own destiny not protecting him with a tackle or best OL available over taking a backup QB in the 4th, IMO. They are going to make him stand in the pocket plenty.

While we did address the OL, we did last year too. So, did we target the same type of players again this year? I am one of the few that thought our backups did good, including Willie Smith. But seeing we took 3OL, Shanny did not. Chester wasn't good enough, Mo Hurt wasn't good enough. Willie. Cook. Licht got hurt, yes durability is in play when making player decisions.

I would have preferred a FA or late round QB picked up instead. Get a future backup next year. What if Cousins does better in camp and preseason?

Yes I know ZBS guys are different than other lineman so you don't follow the grades. But maybe thats the problem with the ZBS much like running the 3-4, you do a lot of projecting of mostly college players.

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