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Originally Posted by TonyTheGr8 View Post
Sorry..totally disagree. This whole thing about how we're Rangers fans and how we're "supposed to be different", is a little arrogant. We haven't been that crazy, dangerous crowd for years. A lot of nights it's very quiet in there. Playoffs it obviously gets amped up a bit. And I'm an old school fan, but to me 18,200 towels waving is awesome. As is the sea of blue. Problem is, it's so freaking dark in there, you can't even see it on TV. I hate Philly, but the Orange Crush there is awesome. As is the Gold Rush in Nashville, and the White Out in Phoenix. It looks amazing, and intimidating. So I see nothing wrong with towels waiving or dressing the whole arena up in one color. Personally, I think MSG should stop with this whole, "theater" crap, and make it lighter in there, cause I hate how you can't see the crowd at MSG on TV. There is nothing better than that puck hitting the back of the net and watching the whole crowd explode out of their seats, screaming "YEAH!!!" at the top of their lungs. Other teams you can see it, with us..very rarely, and I hate it.
I'll agree with you about NY fans not being what they once were. I was at game 1 & 2 of round 1 and I was really let down by the way fans just gave up and hung their heads in game 2 when the Senators were putting it to the Rangers.

I blame the corporations and excessively high ticket prices. Most of the people in the middle/lower area of MSG are there because they get tickets for free from work. A lot just come in their suit to get drunk and watch a game which they dont really seem to give a crap about.

I've never sat up in the "bleachers" because I was going with a buddy who has season tickets in at row 6, but next season I plan to get some seats up high near Homo Larry and see if there is more excitement up there.

As far as the blue out goes. They gave out shirts in game 1, and only towels the rest of the home games. I wasnt at game 1 of round 2, but it looked like the crowd was all in blue so I guess they did it again. My buddy was there so I can always ask him if you want confirmation. I honestly cant believe how cheap MSG is. You'd think they could afford some cool shirts every single home game during the playoffs. (Not that the one they gave out is very "cool")

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