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Originally Posted by token grinder View Post
well, that was a fun two games. more offense than you would expect from either team, to be honest.

a few thoughts.....

as a fanbase, we have to adopt the mentality of, we aren't in trouble unless we lose on home ice. Granted, Phoenix fans should just want a split at this point and 2 opps to close out at home. We lose Game 3, we are playing for pride most likely. coming back from 0-3 has been done before, but the odds quite frankly suck. Win game 3, everything changes. then it becomes win game 4 and we have a whole new ballgame. Or lose game 4 and have all the pressure on Pho to close us out because you have to have the feeling we win game 5 and come home in game 6 and get it done. lots of fun to be had here, honestly. But it all starts by winning Wednesday.

It will be interesting to see what Trotz does with the lineup in game 3. I think he sees that the dpairs aren't working right now. No way he splits 20/6, but I think he splits Klein/Josi up. Part of me would not be surprised to see Klein/Gill and Cube/someone other than Josi. Confidence is a strange thing. Josi has zero right now. I think Klein heard about how good an offensive player he was in junior after those goals against Detroit. We need to have an active defense, but not as active as he has been. He hung Josi out to dry a few times. Being said, when a dman is below the dots, someone has to fall back and help out a bit on the points. that is a focus/detail issue that I expect to get fixed by Wed. I think a good long video session will be good for practice today.

Goaltending-We have given up 9 in the first two games. But for whtever reason I am not mad at Pekka. I think 2-3 are on him, yes. Deflections, legwand passing to Coyotes, it all seems like whatever can go wrong around him is. But he is stopping what he even half sees. If anything, I still think Smith is trash. made a few tough stops, but it isn't like he is playing out of his mind to me. If I were a Pho fan, I would be concerned he isn't stopping what he sees.

Forward corps-good lord where to start. I am one of those people who like to ride what brought us here. Being said, if Trotz were to change some things, I would suggest finding a way for Bourque and Erat to play together. they are our 2 best forwards right now. Problem is, they are both good at fishing out pucks. Our 2 shooters are Hornquist, and Radulov. so I guess Fisher would get that call for me. I think you keep legwand and radulov together. And I think I would like to see AK with them again. Now bottom six is where we get dicey. Hornquist can't skate, but he has been effective. So he stays. And I think you stick Gaustad on his line. I think I want to see tootoo on that line as it will be a pain in the ass to play against. But, can tootoo or horn play the left side? Can tootoo not play like an idiot? 2nd bottom 6 line, I think you have to have a grindy checky line. I would put, if healthy, Halischuck, Spaling, and Yip together. At worst, if the new Gaustad unit sucks, you have some interchangeable parts. Or if you think the Gaustad line is Grindy enough-roll Wilson-Smith-SK

I would roll out-


and either:


these last 2 games remind me of when we have tailspins in the reg season. We think we are an offensive team, and overcommit. Constantly. Then, about the time the fire trotz thread rolls out, we recommit to playing Trotz system and reel off 3-4-5 games in a row. With the first being an ugly 2-0. 3-1 kinda game where a bottom forward and a bottom dman score.

Do I think a layoff hurt our guys-yes
Do I think we should have won game 1? yes
Do I think we should have won game 2-no, we were terrible
Do I think we came in over confident? yep
Do I think we expected them to roll over in gm 2 to the on paper mighty team? yep
Do I think ur guys realize the spot they are in? yep
Do I think we are the better team still? yep
Do I think it is time to hit the panic button? ask me Wednesday night
I agree for the most part...

I like that 1st and 3rd line..

Rads is the one I'm not sure of... I might put SK with his brother on the 2nd.
and possibly sit Rad... I just don't know. I think you have to look at drive and intensity....of course not many had that last night...But I don't agree with having him with the 2nd line anymore... he's just not defensive enough.

if halischuk is healthy, he does need to be in.

I think it's time for Ellis to be in the game...I don't how to fit all those pieces in though... maybe he takes Josi's place.....

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